The Interdisciplinary Competence Center Biomedical Data Science is dedicated to the development of new methods and tools for the investigation of complex biomedical processes and systems.

It unifies know-how in the areas of designing algorithms, analytical pipelines and modelling of complex biomedical processes as well as the efficient software implementation and finally the integration into various diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring applications.

We regard the interaction between basic research and applied computer science as a crucial mechanism for innovative and future-oriented concepts. The center offers its expertise to interested researchers, clinics, practitioners and partners from the industry. Our expertise ranges from the design of studies, the support of data acquisition, the analysis of large amounts of data and the development of individualized methodologies and software to the preparation of demonstrators and prototypes which can be transferred into marketable products.

The fields of multimodal neuroimaging and neuro-inspired signal analysis of complex networks as well as mobile sensor systems are a special focus of the center. One of the main aims is the visualization of medical data for the usage in neurology, psychology and psychiatry.