Empowerment for stroke victims: a mobile digital system for the improvement of relapse-prevention, medical knowledge and self-determination

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“Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert mit Steuermitteln auf Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushaltes.“ 

(This measure is co-financed from tax funds based on the financial budged, decided upon by the delegates of the state parliament of Saxony.)


PostStroke-Manager is a patient-oriented digital system, which utilizes every-day means of communication to facilitate a coordinated long-term care of stroke-victims. The system is conceived as complementary to the existing stroke-pilot system (Schlaganfall-Lotsen). While the stroke-pilot program takes care of patients during the first year after an acute incident, PostStroke-Manager takes over one year after an incident to guarantee long-term aftercare.  In Regions where no stroke-pilot is available PostStroke-Manager can fill the gap and provide support immediately after the incident.
The PostStroke-Manager is designed to integrate patients, general practitioners and stroke-pilots into one easy-to-use platform for communication and information exchange. It serves as the base for innovative digital services, new ways to provide care and a structured disease management program for stroke-related illness.